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Strand Theatre Tickets and Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion!  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Graduations, Promotions and Incentives.  They are good any time and are available at the box office now!

Tickets and Gift Certificates are also available during work hours of 8:00 - 6:00 p.m. at the Farmers Union Insurance Office located directly beside the theatre, downtown Britton.

Purchase individual passes:

     Adults at $6.00

     Youth at $4.00

Purchase GIFT PACKAGES (prices listed below):

     Youth Gift Package: 

                 $8.00 (includes youth admission and Small Buttered Special)

     Single Adult Gift Package:  

               $12.00 (includes admission, Big Buttered Popcorn and Medium Drink)

     Double Adult GIft Package: 

               $22.00 (includes 2 adult admissions, one Super Sized Special)

                            = SuperSized Buttered popcorn and 2 Large drinks

You can also contact us at 1-605-448-5150 (Farmers Union Insurance) and we'll be glad to mail you some 
tickets of gift certificates once we've received your check in the mail.